ADMC is subsidiary of Ali Zaid Al Quraishi & Brother Co. “AZAQ” Group whom enjoys sound reputation and rich experience in automobile industry. Guided by the business philosophy to “Be the Number Choice”, ADMC is committed to providing a high-quality, pleasant and satisfying experience for consumers, and select partners and brands that fits well this strategy.


We are young yet experienced automotive company operating in Saudi Arabia market, focusing on clients’ satisfaction to deliver business growth through market share acquisition and market penetration. Our skilled and professional team is committed to deliver to our clients’ personalized ownership experience with high standards and pleasant journey, while sustaining returns and values to all stakeholders.

Be The Number One Choice .

Entrepreneurship – Integrity – Mutuality – Passionate

Profitable Growth – Business Excellence – Agility – Mobility – Diversification – Innovation

For years, the automotive industry has focused on improving the quality of cars. But in today’s marketplace, where a reliable, well performing car is less of a competitive differentiation, customer experience is becoming the focal point of innovation.

This shift is driven in part by a change in consumer attitude. For 20th century car buyers, a vehicle allowed them to hit the open road and was often an expression of individuality and freedom. New generations, however, are driving less and use technology more. They tend to focus on mobility and convenience; a car is just another means of transportation. For this new demographic, the automobile has become secondary to the end-to-end experience of getting from one place to another.

To adapt, auto manufacturers and dealers alike are thinking carefully about the individual customer experiences they deliver. They are learning how to manage the complexity of their relationship over time to optimize those experiences. To become customer-eccentric, ADMC recognize that it must acknowledge all the above and be part of the change by offering what clients really needs rather than what they wants.